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2014 aluminum alloy is one of the most popular 2000 series aluminum alloys, it offers outstanding strength plus excellent machining characteristics in certain tempers. It is used in aerospace structural applications because of its hardness and machinability. It is also used in military vehicles and weapon manufacturing, bridges and other structural applications because of its high strength.

The metal’s most common alloying elements include Copper, up to 2% Magnesium, Silicon and Manganese. It is also possible to add small amounts of other alloying elements like Iron, Chromium and Titanium.

Its tensile strength is higher than grade 2017A or 2024 aluminium alloys, and its yield strength is 485 MPa. Its ultimate tensile strength is about 545 MPa, which makes it suitable for parts that need high tensile strength and fatigue resistance.

Another key feature of this alloy is its low thermal conductivity, which allows it to be used in a variety of high temperature applications. It can also be heat treated to enhance its corrosion resistance.

This alloy is a ductile metal and is usually extruded or forged into a variety of shapes and forms. It is also a good choice for welding because of its hardness and ability to withstand extreme temperatures.

2014 aluminum can be shaped into many different types of parts, including molds, machine parts and heavy forgings. It is also commonly used to manufacture wheels, truck frames and other industrial products. It is a very popular alloy for these products and is often clad with pure aluminum to protect against corrosion.