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Ammonium bromide (NH4Br) is an odorless white crystal or granule that turns yellow when exposed to air. This chemical is soluble in water. It is commonly used in the fireproofing of wood and also in waste water treatment.

It is a weak acid that reacts slightly with water. It can be stored at a room temperature, but it must not be exposed to the air.

The chemical formula of ammonium bromide is NH4Br and it is composed of two ions in a 1:1 ratio. Both ions have the same negative charge and they are attracted to each other.

In the crystalline form, ammonium bromide is a ionic compound with a repeating three-dimensional structure. The ammonium ions are positively charged and the bromide ions are negatively charged, forming an ionic bond.

It is used as a photographic film and plate diluent, in lithography and process engraving, in corrosion inhibitors, in pharmaceutical preparations and in fireproofing wood. The chemical is also useful in the organic synthesis of various chemical compounds.

The melting point of ammonium bromide is near 452°C. It should be stored in tightly closed containers at a room temperature.

Decomposition Reactions:

Ammonium bromide will decompose in a solution when heated at a higher temperature, to release nitrogen and hydrogen bromide gas. This is because the bromide ions will oxidize to the bromine ions and they are reduced to nitrogen and hydrogen.