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Ti-10 2 3 is a heat treatable titanium alloy, widely used in aerospace industrial applications because of its optimal strength, toughness and high cycle fatigue properties. It is available in a wide range of specifications, often codified under AMS and MIL-T codes. titanium 10 2 3 is used for near-net-shape forging and other high strength components in aircraft such as landing gear due to its excellent ductility and fracture toughness.

In the biomedical field, titanium’s capacity to form calcium phosphates (such as hydroxyapatite) in response to a biological environment is important for its osseointegration capability. A stoichiometric molar ratio of calcium/phosphorous stimulates the formation of a hard, brittle bone-like apatite layer that promotes cell and tissue attachment.

Biological interaction between biomaterials and metal surfaces depends on the interaction of several factors. One of these is the electrostatic force that binds proteins to the surface of the biomaterial, which can be modified by the relative permittivity of the titanium oxide coating. In particular, a high relative permittivity reduces the electrostatic force between proteins and titanium oxide and allows proteins to change their conformation upon adsorption on the surface. Consequently, the biocompatibility of titanium has improved significantly in recent years.