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The boron carbide vest is an excellent choice for protection against a variety of threats. Its lightweight construction makes it easy to wear and maintain in the field, while still delivering maximum ballistic performance up to threat level IV.

Boron carbide is a strong ceramic material used to make bulletproof plates, armored vests and other millinery hardware for military applications. It literally shatters bullets when they strike it, so they don’t penetrate the body.

It can also be combined with another strong ceramic, silicon carbon, to produce a more robust material for ballistic defense. Researchers at Texas A&M University, the Army Research Laboratory and Rutgers University have discovered that adding a small amount of silicon to boron carbide can significantly increase the resilience of modern-day armor.

Silicon-enhanced boron carbide can also be used in nuclear reactors for shielding purposes. Its high neutron absorption cross section, wide absorption energy spectrum and low price makes it an ideal material for a nuclear core assembly.

In addition, it has excellent thermal stability and corrosion resistance. Its ability to absorb neutrons released from the fission of uranium is also a key factor for its popularity as a nuclear reactor shielding material.

A number of companies in the boron carbide market are focusing on R&D activities to develop new products and expand their business portfolios. These strategies are expected to boost the growth of the market over the forecast period.