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What is nickel based alloy powder? Nickel-based powder is widely used for the self-fluxing series of alloy powders. It offers excellent corrosion resistance, high oxidation resistance and heat resistance. It also has good impact toughness. Low melting temperature, wide solid-liquid temperatures range, high wetting capability for WC and various substrates.
The spray-welding layer has outstanding properties of self-fluxing and wettability. The spray-welding layer has high hardness and corrosion resistance. It is also resistant to heat and wear. Wet grinding is preferred.

Classification nickel-based alloy powder
Nickel-chromium alloy thermal spray: There are different types of powder thermal spray, like nickel-chromium alloy heat-resistant alloy which is produced by adding 20% chrome to nickel. Nickel-chromium heat resistant alloys do not oxidize much at high temperatures and are a good coating material that is resistant to heat and corrosion. The coating is dense, and adheres well to the base metal. It is a transition layer material that sits between the base and coatings of ceramics and soft metals. It is a transition layer material that can improve both the coating and the base material. The bond strength.
(2) Nickel-chromium and iron alloy thermal powder: This type is made from nickel-chromium and appropriate iron, and has a slightly lower high temperature resistance than nickel chrome alloys. Other properties are the same. Nickel-chromium alloys are similar. Its main advantage is its low cost, which makes it ideal for repairing corrosion resistant workpieces and can also be used in a transition layer thermal powder.
(3) Nickel-chromium-boron alloy thermal spray powder: This alloy contains elements such as boron, chromium and carbon, so it has high hardness and moderate toughness. The coating becomes heat resistant, wear resistant, and corrosion resistant after spraying. It can be used as an anti-corrosion treatment for shafts and cylinders.
(4) Thermal spraying powder of nickel-aluminum: This powder is used to spray primers and is made up of fine aluminum powder and nickel powder. Thermal spray powder is heated up to 600 degrees Celsius with the flame. A chemical reaction takes place between the nickel and the aluminum that releases heat. A part of aluminum will also be oxidized, producing even more heat. Nickel can diffuse into base metal at this temperature, which improves the bonding of the coating. A second feature of the thermal spray powder made of nickel and aluminum is the rough surface that is formed on the surface after spraying. This provides an excellent surface to connect other spray materials. It is an ideal intermediate material because the expansion coefficient of nickel aluminum composite thermal spray is similar to most steels.

Nickel-based alloy powder – Uses
The welding is done with oxygen-acetylene plasma or flame. This material is also used for corrosion protection, repair, and maintenance of wear-resistant components, including sliding wear resistant parts such as wire drawing rollers, cams and plungers.
1. Please adhere to the oxygen-acetylene or plasma spray welding requirements.
2. If you are using medium or small spray welders, then it’s best to use powder with a mesh of -150. When using large spray welders, use powder with a mesh of -150/+320.
3. It is necessary to dry the alloy powder if there is moisture in the powder or if its storage time exceeds three months. (120°C, 2 hours of heat preservation).

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