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Chromium iodide formula is CrI3. This iodide is a ferromagnetic material, and has a Curie temperature of 61 K. It is used to prepare other chromium iodides. The structure of this material is monoclinic at high temperatures, but becomes rhombohedral at low temperatures.

CrI3 is a layered insulating ferromagnet. During its formation, it is stable, but becomes unstable as a reaction to oxygen. When exposed to oxygen, the chromium iodide crystal is degraded, and iodine is released. The iodine is soluble in water. In addition, it is commonly used as an internal medicine.

Chromium iodide is available in several standard grades. These include submicron, nanopowder, bulk, and liquid. Bulk iodide is typically used in mechanical exfoliation. Liquid iodide is suitable for chemical exfoliation. Sonication normally assists in this process.

This compound is a member of the layered TMTCs family. The direct-to-indirect bandgap transition is useful for developing magneto-optoelectronic devices. External gate voltage can be used to switch on the ferromagnetic states. Changes in the external field can also lead to a change in the topological electronic states of the CrI3 surface. Hence, this compound is a good candidate for the development of magnetic-optoelectronic devices.

This iodide has a cubic-closest packing configuration in the double-layer crystal lattice. In addition, it exhibits small trigonal distortion, which is due to the presence of a layered antiferromagnetic phase. As a result, the iodine releases a stronger magnetic anisotropy. This property is important for the development of a 3D magnetic characteristic.

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