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Chromium(III) iodide, or CrI3, is an inorganic compound with an octahedral structure. This layered insulating ferromagnet exhibits strong magnetic anisotropy. It belongs to the rare group of layered TMTCs. The layered structure provides it with the ability to have two different magnetic phases. These two modes can be switched on or off using an external gate voltage.

The magnetic properties of the CrI3 material are determined by its number of layers. A few layer CrI3 phase has a lower ordering temperature of 45 K, while a single layer has a higher ordering temperature of 61 K. For 2D spintronic applications, few layer CrI3 flakes can be used.

CrI3 has a strong in-plane stiffness. Consequently, a few-layer CrI3 can exhibit a direct-to-indirect bandgap transition. The transition can be used to develop magneto-optoelectronic devices. Changes in the external field can also have a significant effect on the electronic band structures of the CrI3 material. External field changes can result in the modification of the Fermi surface and topological electronic states.

Among the chromium trihalides, CrI3 has the strongest magnetic anisotropy. This property can be exploited to perform spintronics. In addition, the cleavage energy of the chromium triiodide is much smaller than that of the chromium trihalide. Therefore, a few-layer CrI3 crystal can be easily exfoliated.

Various standard grades of the chromium triiodide are available. These include a submicron, high purity, and nanopowder form. American Elements offers MSDS and technical information for these materials.

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