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cobalt oxalate hydrate formula is a complex compound used in many applications including catalysis and radiation therapy. It can also be used in lithium-ion batteries. This lab gives students an opportunity to experience multiple techniques required for AP Chemistry: synthesizing a cobalt oxalate hydrate by precipitation, gravimetric analysis, and oxidation-reduction (redox) titration.

Mixing solutions of the ions of cobalt(II) and carboxylic acid leads to crystallization of cobalt(II) oxalate hydrates, a tetrahydrate and a dihydrate. Up to about 60degC, acicular crystals of a greyish pink tetrahydrate are observed; in the case of prolonged heating this phase decomposes into a bright pink dihydrate. The two oxalates can be distinguished by X-ray diffraction, electromicroscopy and thermal analysis.

The crystal structure of anhydrous cobalt(II) oxalate is built of cationic layers formed from corner-shared NiO6 octahedra linked by bidentate chelating oxalate groups. It has been characterized as highly strained, with a global instability index D equal to about 0.72 of valence units and local instability indices d i for nickel atoms greater than about 0.17 of valence units.

The oxalate hydrate forms anhydrous cobalt(II) oxide when heated. It is readily soluble in water and alcohol, and insoluble in acetone. American Elements offers Cobalt Oxalate Hydrate in a variety of grades and sizes for research, manufacturing, and general laboratory use. All materials are produced to the highest standards and inspected for purity. For more information about Cobalt Oxalate Hydrate or to request a quote, please contact us today.