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copper sulfate monohydrate (CuSO4H2O) is an inorganic chemical compound that shows catalytic activity in various reactions and also has antifungal, root killer, and herbicide properties. The compound is found in a wide range of products and is used in laboratories for testing blood samples for protein and amino acid concentrations, among other things.

In its liquid form, it is known as Bordeaux mixture and can be used to prevent fungus formation on grapes and other fruits. The mineral is often mixed with slaked lime and added to the foundation of buildings to prevent dry rot in woodwork. A solution of copper sulfate is also used to kill snails and zebra mussels in water pipes, because copper ions are toxic to these creatures.

A solution of copper sulfate can cause first-degree burns when skin contacts it, with second-degree burns possible on prolonged exposure. It is also corrosive to metals and may cause severe eye irritation when exposed to the eyes. It is important to review the federal, state and local regulations on handling this chemical, as it can be dangerous if inhaled or ingested. For this reason, Flinn recommends wearing a respirator when working with this substance. Before a product containing copper sulfate can be sold, it must undergo laboratory tests for short- and long-term (chronic) health effects on animals. This information can be found in the U.S. EPA’s pesticide registration database. For additional safety information on this and other chemicals, consult the Flinn Science Laboratory Reference Manual.