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gold iii bromide, a blue to grey or black crystalline solid or powder, is a popular catalyst in chemical industry and inorganic and organic synthesis. It is also used as a testing reagent for fluid spermatic and alkaloids in the criminalist field.

It can be readily dissolved in water and can be used to test the presence of glycerol, alcohols and carbon disulfide (CS2) under acidic conditions in chemical analysis. In addition, it can be used in water treatment and as an ultra high purity source for certain crystalline growth applications.

A variety of extraction methods are employed for the recovery of gold. The majority of them use a solvent to extract the metal from an ore or an amalgam, but in some instances, a mixture of reagents is required for the separation of gold.

The choice of a leaching solution, as well as the oxidants and the stirrer speed can have an effect on the extraction process. It is often necessary to control the pH of the leaching solution. This is due to the fact that gold dissolves in two distinct regions at different pH levels, with an adsorption of Br3- and an adsorption of Br4- causing a shift in the dissolution rate.

For the selective extraction of gold from a Cu(II)-containing solution, it is essential to choose a leaching solution that does not adsorb Br4- ions. This can be done by varying the concentration of the reagent in the leaching solution, adjusting the stirring speed and modifying the residence time of the solution.