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What is hafnium Diboride Powder? Hafnium Diboride is an ultra-high-temperature ceramic that is made from hafnium, boron. It is a unique ceramic with high heat conductivity and conduction. It’s a metallic gray color. Hafnium dioxide has a hexagonal structure and a density 10.5 g/cc. It can melt at approximately 3,250 degrees Celsius. Hafnium diboride’s resistance to oxidation is affected by temperature and pressure. At 1500°C and 1atm, the protective oxide layer forms. HfB2’s antioxidant activity decreases when temperatures rise above 1600degC and pressure drops below 1atm. In these conditions, B2O3 (one oxidation product of HfB2) boils at a higher temperature than B2O3, creating a protective layer of oxide.
Uses of hafnium diboride powder
Because of its strength and thermal characteristics, HfB2 can be used in ultra high-speed reentry aircrafts, such as an INTERCONTINENTAL missile heat shield or pneumatic front. HfB2 has an aerodynamic form and doesn’t ablate upon reentry, unlike polymers and composites.
Hafnium Diboride is being considered as a new material to be used in nuclear reactor control rods.
It is also being investigated as a diffusion shield for microchips. The barrier can be as little as 7 nanometers thick if synthesized correctly.
Hafnium diboride powder characteristics :
Hafnium Diboride is an ultra-high temperature ceramic that’s made from hafnium, boron. It melts at approximately 3,250 degrees Celsius. It is an unusual ceramic with high heat conduction, electrical conductivity, and the same properties that titanium and zirconium diboride. It is a gray, metallic substance. Hafnium Diboride has hexagonal crystal structures with a molar density of 10.5g/cc and a mass of 200.11g/mol.
How is hafnium Diboride powder manufactured?
These are the steps that enable you to realize combustion synthesis for high purity hafnium Diboride Powder.
1. Mix base ingredients and thinner. Mix base ingredients with thinner.
2. Mix dry with wet
3. The graphite powder should be evenly mixed. The closed pressure vessel is then cooled with circulating waters. The reaction is performed under 0-5mpa pressure, or in a vacuum protected by an atmosphere. By self-propagating burning, raw materials can be transformed into products.
4. Cool the product. It is a mixture between hafnium dioxide and magnesium oxide. To obtain hafnium Diboride powder, magnesium oxide must be removed by picking.
Hafnium diboride powder supplier
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