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Hexagonal boron nitride is a material that is used as a lubricant additive. This substance has good lubricating properties and is highly effective. The boron nitride powder can be used as a filler or mixed with a binder.

It has a low friction coefficient and excellent thermal conductivity. It also has high load-bearing and anti-wear properties. In addition, it is relatively stable to organic solvents and can easily be machinable. Moreover, it does not react with other ingredients.

Several researches have been carried out to study its properties. Particle size, morphology, and particle distribution are the key features. These factors determine its effectiveness as a lubricant additive.

The lubricant has better tribological properties than conventional base oils. Moreover, it can completely impregnate the surface when it is applied. Nevertheless, the particle suspension is unstable.

To understand the mechanism of interaction of hexagonal boron nitride particles with rubbing surfaces, researchers performed reciprocal pin-plate tribological tests under dry conditions. Additionally, the film formation of lubricant was studied using scanning electron microscopy.

The effects of the different types of h-BN on the tribological properties were analyzed. Different concentrations of hBN nanoparticle-based nanofluids were tested. Various ultraviolet-visible spectroscopy analyses were also conducted.

Compared to larger particles, the hexagonal boron nitride nanoparticles have a better tribological system. The results of the wear test showed that the particles exhibited better anti-wear properties.

Various researches have been carried out to identify the best method to produce the lubricant. Researches have focused on environmentally friendly materials.

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