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Hexagonal boron nitride (h-BN) is one of the heaviest materials on earth. It is used in tank car armor and bullet armor. It has a Mohs hardness of about 9.5.

This material has a strong neutron absorption capacity and is chemically inert to almost all molten metals. It is also a very good high-temperature solid lubricant with thermal conductivity ten times that of quartz.

Boron nitride is a refractory compound of boron and nitrogen with the chemical formula BN, and it exists in crystalline forms such as hexagonal boron nitride, cubic boron nitride and wurtzite boron nitride. It can be shaped into bars, rods, plates, powder, liquid, aerosol spray forms and many other shapes.

It is a low porosity, low density, easy to machine material. Its lubricious properties and its platy hexagonal crystal structure are similar to graphite.

Hot-pressed h-BN can be manufactured into any shape that can be machined, including complex geometries with very tight tolerances and has excellent electrical insulation, heat and abrasion resistance. Grade A boron nitride is the oldest form of hot-pressed BN and finds applications as relatively high-temperature insulators in legacy semiconductor equipment and defense applications.

Precision Ceramics has 3-4 and 5 axis CNC machining capabilities as well as many years of experience creating custom boron nitride components. The company also has a variety of methods of packaging to ensure the quality and integrity of its machining processes.

In a new study, researchers have discovered that nano-twinned boron nitride can resist indentation loads better than polycrystalline diamond. But they caution that the paper does not provide evidence that this crystalline form of boron nitride is actually 100 gigapascals hard.