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Gallium antimonide is a material which is used in semiconductors and optics. It is also used in solar cells. Besides these, it is also a useful material for manufacturing infrared filters and cameras.

Gallium antimonide is an excellent material for infrared detectors. It has high sensitivity and reliability. However, it is a little expensive, which limits its use in various applications.

Optical properties of gallium antimonide include its high refractive index and energy density. This makes it a good candidate for thermo-photovoltaic devices. As a result, it is a popular material for infrared LEDs.

The material is also effective for energy-shielding devices. Unlike other semiconductor materials, its dielectric content is not very low. Thus, it is possible to study the interactions between the material and light.

For this purpose, a model was developed using the Segall-Mahan theory. Besides accounting for phonon-phonon interactions, it also predicts the power-law dependence of thermal conductivity.

DCVAF is an excellent technique to measure the dynamic properties of a compound. Using a steady-state damped harmonic oscillator, it is possible to identify the interaction between the atoms of the material and the dielectric. In this way, the dcVAF measurement can provide qualitative information about the dynamic behavior of the material.

Moreover, this measurement allows the comprehensive analysis of the dynamic properties of a material. In this case, the study of dcVAF reveals the relationship between the dielectric constant and phonons of the material. Also, it enables scientists to understand the dispersion of phonons in the gallium antimonide crystal.

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