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how many electrons does oganesson have?

Oganesson, atomic number 118, is a heavy synthetic element. It was discovered in 2002 by a joint team of Russian and American scientists. It is a member of the noble gas group.

The atomic number of oganesson is the highest in the periodic table, and its oxidation number is the lowest. Oxidation numbers are important because they are the basis of chemical properties and reactions.

Using the atomic number and the oxidation number, we can find out how many electrons an atom has. Electrons are permanent core particles that orbit the nucleus of an atom. The electron configuration in an atom determines the properties of the element and its compounds.

How to easily find the number of protons, neutrons and electrons in an atom?

Oganesson has one stable isotope, 294Og, which has a half-life of 0.89 milliseconds and decays into livermorium-290 through alpha decay. The other isotopes are radioactive and have short half-lives.

How do you know the atomic mass?

The atomic mass of an element is the sum of the atomic weight and the atomic number. When we have the atomic weight and the atomic number, we can easily find out how many protons, neutrons and electrons an atom has. We can also easily find the position of the protons, neutrons and electrons within an atom. The position of the electrons is known as the p-orbital. The p-orbital is the most stable orbit of an atom.