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ironing wire is a cord that connects an electric iron to a power outlet. It is loosely encased in a tension coil spring and extends to a ring that is located above the surface of an ironing board. The ring is supported by an upright rod or standard that is mounted on the ironing board by way of a separate clamp or the well known C-clamp.

The ring is roatably attached to the rod at its upper end by a hollow sleeve which is fitted over the rod. The sleeve is made of a rubber insulator material and extends from the iron to the upper end of the coil spring 8 with the electric cord 3 running therethrough.

Objects of the invention are to restrict movement of the cord such that the cord does not become entangled with itself, fabric to be ironed or ironed already, but most importantly, not come in contact with the hot sole of the iron itself. The invention involves very few parts and can easily be installed in minutes with little skill or instructions.

In the past, ironing board cord holders or guides have been known but they were usually bulky and cumbersome to use and did not allow the cord to be manipulated to the extent that it was more efficient. Additionally, they were often difficult to remove when the ironing was completed and caused the cord to tangle or jam.

Several studies have shown that children can suffer burns from domestic electric irons when they come into contact with the surface temperatures of the iron for even brief periods. These are potentially preventable injuries and a simple solution would be to educate parents about the dangers of using hot irons unsupervised or at a low height.