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Slugs are mollusks (like snails) and cannot be killed with over the top insecticide sprays that would kill insects. Their body mucus also prevents absorption of seed treatments and fungicides. Consequently, current insecticide seed treatments have little effect on slug populations and are best used for the protection of individual transplants.

Fortunately, there are effective management strategies. Zone tillage at planting time helps break up slug habitat, and may reduce damage to crop plants. Delaying planting until soils are warm will help promote soybean germination and speed up emergence. And the use of row sweepers following planting will remove slugs and other debris from plant rows. In addition, slug severity usually tapers off quickly in periods of dry weather. Iron phosphate baits can be applied in a band to kill slugs after planting and also provide a barrier for slugs. Another effective control measure is metaldehyde, a molluscide that kills slugs by depriving them of their slime.

JSB Knock Out slugs come in tins of 200 with a screw top and foam spacer to minimize the chance of damage in transit. They are a little dirty looking, but this level of dirt is typical for airgun ammunition. HAM found the slugs to be well formed and loaded with good consistency. They retained a lot of energy downrange, too.