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Lithium is a silver-white metal found in nature only as a very rare mineral. It is the second densest of all the elements that are solid at room temperature. It has the highest specific heat and electrochemical potential of all the alkali metals. Lithium has one of the lowest boiling points of all metals.

In the past, lithium bars were used in various crafting recipes but as of the most recent patch they are no longer needed. Instead, Charged Lithium Coils are now used for the same recipes.

Stark (1992) proposed that during ASR in the presence of a certain minimum concentration of lithium, a nonexpansive silicate product forms that is less expansive than the resulting gel products with higher concentrations of the alkali ions sodium and potassium. They concluded that the effect of lithium on expansion is due to its repulsion of water cations and its adsorption into silica cations.

Scanning electron micrographs of the surface of mortar bars containing either the LiFSI/[C3mPyr+][FSI-] or the LiAsF6/[C3mPyr+][FSI-] electrolyte at time periods of (b) 4 h, (c) 7 d, (d) 12 d and (e) 18 d, clearly show the evolution of the morphology in response to lithium additives. As a result, the surfaces of these mortar bars are smoother and have fewer coral-like structures than those observed at other time periods.