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Manganese dioxide

This inorganic compound has the chemical formula of MnO2, and is either amorphous black powder or orthorhombic black crystals. Manganese dioxide can be used as an oxidant, rust remover, or in the preparation manganese sulfates.

Magnesium Dioxide Powder Properties

Manganese oxide is not soluble in water, weak acids or bases, nitric acid and cold sulfuric acid. However, it can be dissolved in concentrated hydrochloric solution heated to produce chlorine gas.

Manganese dioxide is octahedral in structure. The oxygen atoms on the corners are the manganese atoms. Manganese is in the octahedrons. The octahedrons form a chain by connecting them together. These chains, along with other chains, are placed on top to form a tunnel-like structure. The octahedron may be either hexagonally close-packed, or squarely close-packed.

Manganese dioxide, also known as amphoteric iron oxide, is a very stable black powdery solid at room temperature. At room temperature, it is a powdery black solid. It can also be used as a dry battery depolarizer. In the laboratory its oxidizing qualities are often used by HCl to produce chloride.

Magnesium Dioxide MnO2 powder applications

Manganese dioxide can be used to depolarize dry batteries, act as an oxidant or catalyst in synthesis, and as a decolorizer and deironing agent for the glass and enamel industries. Manganese dioxide can be used to make metallic manganese as well as special alloys, ferromanganese casts, gasmasks, and ferrites for electronic materials.

Manganese oxide can be used to increase rubber’s viscosity and as a catalyst for chemical experiments.

Laboratory Use

Manganese dioxide can be used as a catalyst for the breakdown of hydrogen peroxide in order to produce oxygen.

The MnO2 powder acts as a catalyst when potassium chlorate is heated to cause it to decompose, releasing oxygen.

Thermite reacts with manganese oxide and aluminum powder to form manganese.

MnO2 Powder is used for yellow glass, as a pigment.

When manganese oxide reacts with hydrochloric acid heated to a concentrated state, it produces chlorine.

When manganese oxide reacts with molten potassium hydroxide in the air, it produces potassium manganate.

Manganese oxide acts as an auto-catalyst in the decomposition of potassium permanganate.

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