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magnesium methoxide is a very stable organic salt, which is insoluble in water and methanol. It has a strong chelating power and can be used to deprotect alkyl esters in a mild manner. It is also very effective in the deacidification of paper by reacting with the moisture contained in the paper.

The magnesium methoxide is used in the preparation of various catalysts for chemical and pharmaceutical processes, especially for polymerization catalysts. It can also be used as a neutralizing agent. In addition, it has the property of being able to be filtered dry without forming any gels.

In the present invention, the magnesium methoxide is obtained from lumpy magnesium by treatment with methanol under siede conditions. The methanol is first pre-purged with a dry inert gas, preferably nitrogen and simultaneously heated. The methanol is then filled into the reaction space of a reactor. The magnesium is then surrounded by the methanol on all sides in order to carry out the reaction according to the invention under siede conditions.

After around half an hour in general the reaction of the methanol with the magnesium is completed, and on the gas meter can be clearly read the associated hydrogen evolution. The reaction is then finished, when the magnesium is completely abreagged.

The solution obtained according to the invention is transferred into a Rotavapor and evaporated under reduced pressure. The drying is then done at one temperature, whereby a white magnesium powder is obtained (97.6 g correspond to an Ausbeute von 97 %) with a Mg-Wert of 27.8 %.