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Magnesium-Zn alloys have potential as degradable implants for bone substitute applications. They have good short-time mechanical strength, high damping capacity, and good modulus elasticity. In addition, they retain their properties even under high temperatures.

This material can be cast by the following processes: cold chamber, hot chamber, shell molding, and investment. It can be extruded into various shapes, including tubes, rods, and sheets. However, it needs to be properly guarded against fire. For example, it can be anodized by immersing it in ammonium fluoride solution.

Magnesium has excellent corrosion resistance and thermal conductivity. In addition, it has high strength and toughness. Therefore, it is widely used in household goods such as ladders, griddles, and portable appliances. Moreover, it is resistant to dry gases, aromatic hydrocarbons, and certain alcohols.

Several magnesium-zinc alloys have been researched. Among these, K1A has a better strength, while EZ33A-T5 is a rare earth-contained alloy. These alloys have also been applied to produce high-quality, low-cost, and corrosion-resistant castings.

The magnesium-zinc alloy is investigated as a biodegradable orthopedic implant. Mg-Zn scaffolds were produced using powder metallurgy method. Their in vitro corrosion and osteocalcin mRNA expression properties were evaluated. Also, their in vivo degradation was studied by histomorphological analysis and scanning electron microscopy.

A composite coating with good degradation performance was obtained by doping nanoparticles into the magnesium-zinc alloy. Moreover, the antibacterial effect of this coating was enhanced. Meanwhile, the surface roughness was beneficial to cell attachment.

The magnesium-Zn alloy can be used as a sacrificial anode to protect metals from corrosion. In addition, it is a great anode for reserve batteries.

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