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Copper is an important metal for humans Copper is the most common metal which has been derived from its ore via smelting. The reason is that copper has a lower melting value than iron. This was around 7000 years ago. It is the first known metal to be used by humans. Although its chemical characteristics aren’t as dull as iron, gold or silver, they are more stable than aluminum and iron. Therefore, copper was able to provide more pure copper for human civilization. The Latin Cuprum is where most copper came from, which was actually the source of the word copper. All of us know copper to be a shiny amber metal. We use the term to describe jewelry and hair color.

The medical value of copper

Copper is an essential trace element. A normal human body has 50-120 mg of copper. Copper is an essential element in our bodies. Copper plays a crucial role in the creation of copper proteins as well as various enzymes. REDOX is also important in maintaining normal hematopoiesis. This helps to promote connective tissues formation, maintenance of central nervous system health and protect cells against the ultraoxygen anion damage. Copper deficiency causes symptoms similar to iron shortage anemia. A copper deficiency could also cause other issues, including reduced white blood cells and lightened hair, patches on the skin, immune system disorders, abnormalities in bone, and others. Perhaps the most concerning concern is that, if there are lower levels of copper lysyloxidase and collagen synthesis in blood vessels walls, this can cause them to become hardened and fragile, leading to potential damage ).

The therapeutic effects of copper on the cardiovascular system can be boosted. Nano copper has been used as a medicine for years to supplement dietary therapy.

The Bacteriostatic Action of Copper

Some of the lesser-known benefits that copper has are listed below. Scientists have discovered that copper has the ability to eliminate infections. It and its alloys possess antibacterial, viral and antifungal qualities. It is believed that copper ions (charged particles), are released into the environment when microbes land or migrate to copper. They prevent cell respiration, puncture the cell membranes of bacteria and kill the viral cell shell. The continuous antibacterial activity of copper is maintained even through natural oxidation, repeated dry and wet wear. Copper can be easily recycled and is completely safe for humans. The use of copper ions in sterilization is common. There are some Nano-copper antibacterial products on the marketplace. A Chilean company also introduced N95 masks with Nano-copper in April.

The Nano Copper Application Prospect

Nanoscale copper particles, in addition to these applications, are widely used in high efficiency catalysts and microelectronics industries, metallurgy fields, high temperature ceramics manufacturing, field, as well as high-efficiency catalytics. Nano copper’s characteristics, which include a large surface area, strong catalysis and high activity, will make it a popular choice in many other fields. Advanc3dmaterials (aka. Luoyang Tongrun Nano Technology Co. Ltd. (a trusted global manufacturer and supplier of chemical materials) has over 12 years’ experience in manufacturing high-quality Nano materials and chemicals. We produce high-purity, small particles and low impurity copper powder . We can help you if the price is lower.
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