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What is Titanium Dioxide exactly?

Titanium dioxide is an important organic chemical pigment. Its main component is titanium dioxide. Two process methods are used to make titanium dioxide. One is the sulfuric acid process and one is the chlorination process. It’s used extensively in coatings.

The performance of engineering plastics depends on many factors.

The defects in titanium dioxide, as well as the strong polarity of its surface, make titanium dioxide easy to absorb water. It is also easy to agglomerate and agglomerate during storage, production, and transport. This limits its use in organic polymers. The key to wide-spread titanium dioxide use is effective surface modification to increase its dispersibility and compatibility in organic polymers. It is necessary to perform organic modification in order to improve the wetting and dispersion properties of titanium dioxide in different dispersion media.

1. The Lab value of titanium dioxide powder is not affected by the use of polysiloxane, polysiloxane, or polyol organic modifier to treat it. However, oil absorption indexes of the product are reduced.

2. The titanium dioxide that has been treated with polysiloxane is hydrophobic, which increases its compatibility with plastics resins.

3. Polyols modified titanium dioxide are hydrophilic. They absorb moisture easily, which can affect the plastic’s application performance.

4. In ABS resin systems, titanium dioxide is treated with polysiloxane. This has the least effect on the mechanical characteristics of plastic products and provides the best tensile strength and impact resistance.

5. It is recommended that titanium dioxide be modified using polysiloxane modifiers. Additionally, organic modifiers with different groups should be selected based on different applications to enhance the material’s overall performance.

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