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Platinum sulfide, PtS, is an elemental green solid that does not react with air or water at ambient temperature and pressure. It is also one of the most corrosion resistant metals and is used in a variety of applications including electroplating and oxidation catalysis. In addition to its innate properties, platinum is also the active ingredient in anti-cyanide drugs known as cisplatin and a variety of other cyanide countermeasures administered by intramuscular injection (IM) which mitigate cyanide exposures in mass casualty events. However, the cyanide scavenging efficacy of these Pt(II) complexes is dependent on prior pre-treatment with dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO).

This study combines experimental studies of aqueous H2S-dominated hydrothermal fluids using in situ X-ray absorption spectroscopy and molecular dynamics simulations to systematically investigate platinum sulfide solubility in a range of conditions at temperatures between 200 and 300 degC and pressures up to 600 bar. This study generated PtS solubility constants that demonstrate the major form of the Pt(II) sulfide complex is tetrahydrosulfide, Pt(HS)42-, for a wide range of hydrogen sulfide concentrations at near neutral pH. This result establishes a new benchmark for future PtS solubility measurements in hydrothermal systems and can help to assess Pt transport, remobilization and concentration in nature.