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pot ferricyanide is a bright red salt that is used as a reagent in many laboratories. It is also known as ‘Prussian blue’ and is an indicator that is commonly used in titrations based on redox reactions.

It is a potassium salt of the coordination complex K4[Fe(CN)6]3H2O. It forms ruby-red crystals and is soluble in water. It is a common compound used to harden iron and steel, in electroplating, dyeing wool, as a laboratory reagent, and as a mild oxidizing agent in organic chemistry.

The most common use of pot ferricyanide is as an oxidizing agent to remove silver from negatives and positives during processing of color photographs. It is also used in a process called dot etching to tone color dots on photo paper.

Another use of pot ferricyanide is in a chemical redox test, that is used to detect soluble ferrous iron salts on rust pits after blast cleaning. It is a very sensitive test, because if ferrous iron salts are present in the rust pit, they will cause corrosion.

pot ferricyanide is available in a variety of grades and forms. It is typically immediately available in most volumes and can be manufactured to customer specifications. It is typically available in high purity, submicron and nanopowder form. It is manufactured to ACS, Reagent and Technical Grade standards. It is a dependable and cost effective chemical. It is also often available in custom sizes and packaging.