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Potassium sulfide, K2S, is a colorless crystalline salt with a characteristic sulfur odor. It is soluble in water, ethanol and glycerol but is insoluble in ether. It has a melting point of 840 degrees C and boiling point of 912 degrees C.

A reagent in analytical chemistry.

Safety hazards: a fire hazard when in powder or dust form, and explosive when mixed with air. Contact with eyes, skin or respiratory tract may cause severe injury and possibly death.

Uses: as a reagent in analytical chemistry, as a depilatory and as a medicine.

The chemical formula of this compound is K2S, and it is a reducing agent. It is a very strong base, and it reacts violently with acids to produce hydrogen sulfide, a very toxic and flammable gas.

Sulfur compounds are often used in conjunction with potassium ions, and are commonly used as sulfate salts or esters. Metal sulfate salts are generally readily soluble in water, and are more suitable for applications requiring corrosion inhibition than fluorides or oxides, which tend to be insoluble in water.

A chemical component of fireworks senki hanabi (Asian sparkler). The chemical is also a component of some glitter formulations, and is used to colour copper alloys.

Enhanced visible light activated hydrogen evolution activity over a nickel sulfide nanorod. This is an important step in the synthesis of nickel-phosphide cocatalysts for improved photocatalytic hydrogen production in solar cells, and has implications for biomedical uses.