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red copper powder has a shiny red-orange color and is highly conductive thermally and electrically. It is used in powder metallurgy for manufacturing soft magnets, copper-based paints, inks, chemicals and sintered components.

It is also a good corrosion resistance material for surface coating applications, such as plasma transferred arc welding (PTA), laser cladding and powder welding. These coatings are used in the automotive, oil and gas, power generation, aerospace, mining, and construction industries.

X-ray Diffractography

X-ray diffraction is a powerful tool for studying the crystal structure of materials. Especially, it can be used to examine the fine structure of metallic powders such as copper.

In this study, the crystallographic spectra of oxidized and powdered copper samples were measured by X-ray diffraction. The diffraction patterns were recorded using two different Siemens D5000 diffractometers with Cu Ka radiation.

Sulfidation and oxidation experiments were performed to investigate the effect of sulfation on copper powder. The oxidized copper samples were exposed in an alkaline sulfidation solution of 1 mM Na2S and 0.1 M NaCl. The sulfidation time was varied from 5 to 40 hours.

In the X-ray diffraction pattern, the main peak of sulfidated copper powder was strongly enhanced in spectral weight after sulfidation. This reflects the transformation of the cuprite cover layer into a Cu(I) sulfide with a more stable surface. The sulfidation of the oxide cover layers also led to an expansion of the elastic peak and a change of its spectral weight.