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Silicon Carbide Properties

Silicon carbide (SiC)

This compound semiconductor material is made of carbon and silicon. It has wide band gaps with gallium-nitride (GaN) and can be called the third generation.

SiC is characterized by a large band gap and high breakdown potential. SiC power electronics have many advantages due to its unique material properties. These include low voltage resistance, high power consumption and high temperature resistance.

Silicon Carbide for Electric Automotive

SiC’s main use field in automobile is electric drive inverter. SiC’s main fields of application in automobiles with new energy are the electric drive inverter (OBC), DC/DC convert, and onboard charger (OBC). According to predictions, the inverter market will represent more than 80%, making it the most significant application.

Inverter electric drives can be significantly reduced in volume, cost and price. SiC can be used to improve the power density and reduce switching loss. It can also improve operating temperature limits and system efficiency. SiC can be used to increase the speed and reduce the size of the charging stack for new vehicles.

SiC inverters are a great option for electric cars to increase their efficiency and last longer. SiC devices are used in electric drive inverters to improve efficiency and reduce loss. Inverters are lighter and more compact. SiC will reduce the area of its chip and work frequency, meaning it will save peripheral passive parts. SiC will also be lighter than IGBT, as SiC is more heat-dissipative and has a lower cooling system volume.

SiC power units are being added to more and more vehicles. Tesla has adopted full SiC power devices for its Model 3 main inverter. This means that more companies are releasing models with SiC devices. SiC devices allow these vehicles to have smaller inverters and more efficient on-board charging systems, which improves their driving power and charge speed as well as endurance.

Silicon Carbide Powder Price

Price is affected by many things, such as the demand and supply in the market and industry trends. Economic activity. Unexpected events.

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