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Strontium carbide is a chemical compound made from strontium and chlorine. It has the formula SrCl2. Although this material is not nearly as insoluble as BaSO4, it is still used.

The two carbons of the compound have a triple bond and each has seven electrons. These electrons are transferred to the carbon atoms to form a divalent positive calcium ion.

Strontium is one of the four stable isotopes of the element. In the twentieth century, it was found in infant teeth and in drinking water. It was also found in deep sea organisms and on earth.

The highest concentrations are found in deserts and forest soils. Strontium is not toxic. But it has been known to cause health problems in certain populations. This is due to the presence of the radioactive isotope 90Sr. A strong source of this is nuclear reactors.

Several isotopes of the element have been used in cancer treatments. However, these effects are not fully understood. Several mechanisms have been proposed, including those related to cell division.

Most strontium is absorbed through calcium. Calcium is present in river water, which is rich in strontium. Some deep sea organisms, such as stone corals, also require strontium for their growth.

Several compounds can be prepared from strontium. For instance, strontium sulphate is used in shells of deep sea organisms. Other compounds include strontium oxide, which is used in sugar refining.

There are two types of crystalline strontium salts. One is a red-colored salt, which emits a bright red color in a flame. Another type is an octahydrate.

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