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Tantalum wire mesh is made of the rare metal tantalum. It is an excellent conductor of heat, electricity, and moisture. It also has high corrosion resistance. It is used in the manufacturing of high-quality capacitors, and it is also a popular material for prosthetic implants and other medical devices.

The melting point of tantalum is 2,996 degC, the fourth highest of all metals. It is highly ductile, making it an ideal material for bending and stamping.

Besides its strong chemical inertness, tantalum has a unique electrical conductivity that makes it possible to produce extremely small electronic parts and components. This property has allowed engineers to develop smaller and more efficient devices.

It is a member of the refractory metals group, and it is used as a minor component in superalloys. It is a lustrous, hard, blue-gray, and highly ductile transition metal that has the fourth-highest melting point of all metals.

The oxidation resistance of tantalum is similar to glass, and it is very resistant to acid and alkali. Only fluorine, hydrofluoric acid, sulfur trioxide (including fuming sulfuric acid), alkali and some molten salts have an effect on tantalum in the medium temperature (about 150degC). It is very useful in electric vacuum technology.