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Titanium is the lightest of all metals and is therefore a highly desirable material for aerospace applications and automotive components where low-density and high strength are needed. In addition to being extremely strong, titanium is also corrosion-resistant. Ti 6-4 alloys hold up well in a salty environment and are a great choice for marine applications such as sonar equipment, submarines, or deep-submergence vehicles.

Titanium’s low density and high specific strength makes it an attractive option for medical devices including artificial joints, dental implants, and surgical equipment. It is also biocompatible, which means it doesn’t react with human body fluids or other substances that can cause infections. Its ability to form a protective oxide layer on its surface makes it durable and resistant to chemicals, thereby preventing chemical attacks on the metal.

The most extensively evaluated of all titanium alloys, it is used in aircraft components like sheet fabrications and brackets as well as in gas turbine engines for compressor blades and discs. It is also used for reciprocating and rotating parts such as shafts, rocker arms, valve bodies, and rotors for centrifuges and ultracentrifuges. Its good forging behavior and excellent strength at moderate temperatures allows it to be used in automobile manufacturing.

It can be superplastically formed at high elongations and tight radii with negligible springback. It can be machined with standard tools to produce very complex shapes and possesses good corrosion resistance. Its tensile and fracture toughness properties vary relatively smoothly with temperature, making it a suitable material for joining by electron beam welding techniques.