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Background Technology

Aluminium diboride, also known as AlB2, is characterized with high theoretical burning heat, high melting temperature, good chemical stability, and a good refining of aluminum grains. This makes it a good candidate for many applications. AlB2 has many applications, including particle enhancers to improve wear resistance, hydrogen storage materials, solid propellants, etc. AlB2 is currently prepared in two ways: by direct solid phase sintering between boron powder, aluminum powder or boron oxide/borofluoride. AlB2 Powder prepared by either of these methods suffers from uneven particle size and form, which results in a reduction of performance. There is a need for a method that can prepare AlB2 Powder with uniform size. This will allow the powder to be controlled in particle size and shape and provide good performance.

Technical Implementation Element

In this application, the technical problem is to develop an aluminum diboride and its preparation method that can control particle size and shape and ensure good performance. The invention reveals a method to prepare aluminum diboride. This includes adding the precursor raw materials in the liquid phase to get the evenly mixed solution, followed by ultrasonic mixing. The precursor raw materials can be boron powder or aluminum powder.

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