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3D printing represents a new form of printing technology. 3D printing metal powder, the most important material for 3D-printing metal parts, is 3D printing. The main 3D powder materials currently available are

nickel-titanium alloy powder

Steel, stainless, industrial steels, stainless, cobalt-chromium alloy, titanium alloy, nickel-aluminum, and bronze alloy.

3D printing of metal powder requires good plasticity.

Three types of preparation for 3D printing metal powder are available: reduction method, electrolysis, grinding method, and atomization method. At the moment, China’s two most common pulverizing processes are the argon-atomization method and the plasma rotating electrode method.

1. Argon atomization

Argon atomization is a powder-making method that uses the fast flowing, argon gas flow to strike the metal liquid, then break it into small particles and finally condense into a solid powder.

2. Plasma rotating electrode method

Plasma state is also known as the fourth state. The process of plasma rotating electro atomization (prep) is simple: The metal or alloy is made into a consumable, then the liquid film is melted under the coaxial plasma heating source to form liquid. The liquid film is then thrown away at high speed to form droplets. Under the action shear stress, the molten dropslet cools down and solidifies under surface tension.

The following are some of the benefits of plasma rotating electrode metal powder:

High sphericity with a smooth surface and high loose densities, which means that the uniformity of powder spread is excellent and printing products have a high density.

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