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SiC nanomaterials have high forbidden band width, high critical breakdown electric field and thermal conductivity, small dielectric constant and high saturation mobility of electrons, as well as strong radiation resistance and good mechanical properties, making them highly manufactured It is an ideal material for electronic and optoelectronic devices with high frequency, high power, low energy consumption, high temperature resistance and radiation resistance. The room temperature photoluminescence of SiC nanowires makes it an ideal material for manufacturing blue light emitting diodes and laser diodes. Recent studies have shown that: micron-sized SiC whiskers have been used to reinforce ceramic-based, metal-based and polymer-based composite materials. These composite materials all exhibit good mechanical properties. It is conceivable to use higher strength, hardness and aspect ratio. Larger SiC one-dimensional nanomaterials as the reinforcing phase of composite materials will further enhance its performance. SiC one-dimensional nanomaterials have excellent characteristics such as low threshold field strength, high current density, and good high temperature stability. They are expected to be used as electric field emission materials. Using this feature, they can be made into third-generation new electronic light sources and will be used in image display technology. Play a huge role. With the deepening of research, researchers also found that one-dimensional SiC nanostructures have broad application prospects in the fields of hydrogen storage, photocatalysis, and sensing.

1. Large specific surface area, high surface activity, low bulk density, excellent mechanical, thermal, electrical and chemical properties, namely high hardness, high wear resistance and good self-lubrication, high thermal conductivity, low thermal expansion coefficient And high temperature strength, etc. 1. Nano silicon carbide powder has the characteristics of high purity, small particle size distribution range, and high specific surface area;
2. This product has the characteristics of stable chemical performance, high thermal conductivity, low thermal expansion coefficient, and good wear resistance;
3. The microhardness is 2840~3320kg/mm2, the hardness is between corundum and diamond, and the mechanical strength is higher than corundum;
4. Nano silicon carbide has excellent thermal conductivity and is also a semiconductor, which can resist oxidation at high temperatures.


1 Manufacturing structural components: such as sliding bearings, liquid fuel nozzles, crucibles, high-power and high-frequency molds, semiconductor components used in metallurgy, chemical, machinery, aerospace and energy industries.
2. Surface treatment of metals and other materials: cutting tools, molds, heat-resistant coatings, heat-dissipating surface coatings, anti-corrosion coatings and wave-absorbing coatings, etc.

3. Composite materials: Preparation of metal-based, ceramic-based, and polymer-based composite materials.

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