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Gallium oxide Inorganic compound Ga2O3 has the chemical formula. It is also called gallium trioxide. A wide bandgap semiconductor, with Eg=4.9eV. Excellent electrical conductivity, light-emitting properties, and can be used as a chemical detector for O2.

The Properties Of Gallium Oxide

Gallium oxide is composed of white triangular crystals. Although it is not soluble, it is easily soluble with alkali metal hydroxides, dilute acids, and hot acid solutions.

Gallium (III), namely gallium trioxide, is the stablest of all gallium oxides. It can be made by heating metal gallium to oxidize or by calcining galium nitrates, gallium hydroxides, and certain gallium compound at 200-250degC.

Ga2O3 is capable of reacting with many metal oxides when heated. The crystal structure has been determined for gallate M(I),GaO2, obtained from alkali metaloxide reaction (above 400). The same as Al2O3 and Ln2O3, this material can be obtained by reaction of MgO with ZnO. CoO, NiO, and CuO Spinel Type M(II).

The preparation of Gallium Oxide

1. Add a highly-concentrated hot aqueous NaHCO3 mixture to the hot solution of the gallium trichloride, GaCl3, then boil the solution until all gallium hydroxides have precipitated. After washing the precipitate in hot water, calcinate it at 600degC until no Cl- remains. NH4Cl will react with Ga2O3 when it reaches 250degC, generating volatile GaCl3.

2. This is how you prepare high purity galium oxide. Use high-purity Ga metal as anode. Dissolve it in a H2SO4 5%-20% solution. Add ammonia, cool and crystallize Ga (NH4)(SO4)2, before drying it at 105degC. When there is excess oxygen in the air, burning at 800degC and for 2 hours, a 99.99%-99.9999% purity product can be obtained.

3. The solution should be concentrated until it is close to crystallization. When this happens, the solution can be transferred to a large evaporating plate and dried. Burn the Ga(NO3)3 that has been evaporated in a muffle-furnace. The temperature must be maintained at 550°C for 5 hours. After cooling, 1.2kg of highly pure gallium oxide can be obtained.

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