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What property does Bismuth Telluride have?

Bismuth telluride The molecular formula of the powder is Bi2Te3. Bismuth telluride, an indirect band-gap semiconductor, has a band gap of 0.145eV at room temperature, electron mobility of 0.135m2/(V*s) and hole mobility 4.4×10-2m2/ (V*s), and thermoelectric quality coefficient 1.6×10-3/K.
Bismuth Telluride is a dense material with a density 7.8587g/cm3 at a melting temperature of 585degC. It is bound with covalent and has an ionic bond. Bismuth telluride exhibits the characteristics of a solid topological insulator. It allows electrons on its surface to move freely without losing energy.

The Bridgman method is one of the preparation methods for bismuth Telluride. Other methods include zone smelting and Czochralski. Bismuth telluride, a semiconductor, has a good electrical conductivity and mediocre thermal conductivity.

What are the applications of Bismuth Teluride?

Bismuth-telluride-based semiconductors have high performance thermoelectric conversion in the low- and mid-temperature range. These materials are used widely in microelectronics for precise temperature control and local refrigeration. The applications of these devices are excellent in thermoelectric power generation and industrial waste heat recovery.

Through alloying, phonons scattering can improve to reduce thermal conductivity and carrier concentration to optimize the electrical performance. This will enhance the thermoelectric properties of bismuth-telluride-based materials.

The dangers of bismuth-telluride are low but it can be fatal in large doses. The material is able to allow electrons on its surface to move at room temperatures without consuming energy, resulting in a significant increase in the operating speeds of the computer chip.

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