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Coils and coil products made from tin plate are often used in food packaging, aerosol cans and paint drums. They offer many of the advantages of metal packaging, such as tin’s corrosion resistance, solderability, and aesthetic appearance in one material.

Tin-plated coil, also called tin-plate or electro-tinned steel, is a type of cold-rolled low-carbon sheet metal or strip coated with commercial pure tin on both sides by an electrolytic process. The tin coating prevents corrosion by shielding the steel from the elements.

The tin coating is produced in a variety of forms: matte, melted or bright. A tinplate surface may also be brushed or polished to produce a different finish.

Cleaner Technology:

A broad range of cleaners is available for the tinplate coating, both to remove tin and to improve its tin protection. Henkel provides a full portfolio of high-performance, strong alkaline cleaning solutions for all applications.

In addition, BONDERITE(r) offers a line of solutions for tin-free tinplate (TFS). This process eliminates the need for tin in the coating by introducing a layer of hydrated chromium oxide on the steel base, giving it a fine lustrous metallic finish on both sides.

Stiffness and softness:

A stiffer product may be easier to pack into an aneurysm, especially if a smaller diameter coil is utilized. This is because it has a smaller interloop space, which may be reduced to achieve the desired softness.