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Tin (IV) selenide is a layered metal chalcogenide with a tinsel sized role as a narrow band-gap semiconductor. It is a good candidate for nanocomposites thanks to its chemically inert amorphous structure, low thermal conductivity and good electron mobility. Among other applications, it is a promising material for photo optics, sensors, thermistors and thermoelectrics.

A study compared its thermoelectric properties to a variety of common thermoelectric materials and found that tin (IV) selenide has the best balance between temperature and electrical output. Despite its poor heat resistance, its low thermal conductivity makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, including the production of graphene nanocomposites.

The tin (IV) sulfide system decomposes cleanly to microcrystalline SnS2 when heated to 200 degC in an inert atmosphere. This is a feat that is aided by its weak Van der Waals forces, which are sufficient to permit exfoliation of layers. Interestingly, this amorphous material is also quite sensitive to radiation. In addition, it can serve as a solid-state lubricant.

As with any metal chalcogenide, the most successful preparations involve soaking the crystals in a mixture of water and hydrazine. These solutions exhibit a high solubility and are a handy precursor for solution deposition of metal chalcogenide films. Another notable advantage of tin (IV) selenoid is its long shelf life. Moreover, its n-type binaurally induced charge state is conducive to the formation of many different compounds, including Tl2Se and SnSe2 which are both useful for a range of applications.

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