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tin pellets are widely used in the air pistol and 10 metre air rifle competitions. These 4.5 mm diameter pellets have wadcutter heads that leave clean holes in paper targets.

These tin pellets are produced in a variety of shapes and sizes, including rod, ingot, powder, pieces, disc, granules, wire, and in compound forms such as oxide or alloys. These pellets can be pressed into pellet presses or cast into metal, and are used for target practice, competition, and recreational shooting.

They are also used for XRF analysis, as they can be molded and cast into a wide range of shapes without deformation or casting flaws that could interfere with the quality of the XRF results. The tin pellets in this article have been produced using a proprietary process that produces pellets with superior mechanical and micromeritic properties.

The pellets were characterized for their yield, median diameter (X50), size distribution (SPpel), aspect ratio, circularity, and micromeritic properties (PDm and porosity). They had a narrow size distribution and spherical shape with low porosity and a high crushing strength.