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What exactly is colloidal or sol gold? It is a colloidal suspension (or colloidal solution) of nanoparticles of gold in fluid (usually water). Colloid colors are typically wine red for spherical particle sizes less than 100nm or blue/purple (for more spherical particles, or nanorods).

Property of Colloidal Gold
Colloid gold nanoparticles’ properties and applications are greatly affected by their shape and size. A rod-shaped particle, for instance, has transverse and longitudinal absorption peaks. Their anisotropy will impact their ability to self-assemble.

How are gold nanoparticles utilized?
Drug delivery system
The biological distribution of drugs can be optimized to target diseased cells, tissues and organs with gold nanoparticles. If drug distribution is not sufficient, nanoparticles are able to deliver drugs. This includes targeting unstabil drugs like proteins, siRNA, and DNA. It also allows for drug delivery to more difficult locations (brain, retina. tumors.) As well as drugs with severe side effects such as anticancer medications. Their size and function determine the properties of nanoparticles. The properties of nanoparticles can also vary depending on their surface function and size. This is due to the variability in drug release or particle disintegration (e.g., sensitive biodegradable Polymers, which are sensitive to pH). An optimal nano-drug distribution system will ensure that active drugs are accessible within the time and duration required by the action site. The min. concentration must be less than 0. The effective concentration (MEC), should be lower than the min. toxic concentration (MTC).
For drugs such as Paclitaxel, nanoparticles of gold are being investigated. Hydrophobic drugs can only be delivered by molecular packaging. The nanoparticles were found to have a high efficiency in bypassing the reticuloendothelial systems.

Enhancer for Radiotherapy
It has received a great deal of interest to use gold nanoparticles and others containing heavy elements to raise the dosage to cancer patients. Due to the fact that gold nanoparticles can absorb tumors more than those in healthy tissues nearby, it is possible to increase the dose. Local deposition of radiation near nanoparticles seems to account for the biological effects of the treatment. It is similar to heavy ion therapy.

Toxic gases
Researchers developed an inexpensive and easy method of detecting hydrogen sulfide in the atmosphere based upon the anti-aggregation properties of gold nanoparticles. Hydrogen sulfide is dissolvable in an alkaline buffer solution. The solution creates HS,HS- which stabilises AuNPs while ensuring that they stay red. It allows visual observation of hydrogen Sulfide toxicity levels.

What do gold nanoparticles consist of?
Turkevich, et al.1951 devised a procedure for the production of AuNPs. This involved treating tetrachloroauric acids (HAuCl4) by boiling water with citric Acid. Citric acid is able to not only reduce but also act as a stabilizer. Frances modified the ratio of gold and citric acid in this process to improve the control over the particle size. It has been used extensively to produce moderately stable, spherical AuNPs. This can also be used for larger AuNPs such as 100 nanometers.

Why is gold nanoparticles so red?
The visible spectrum is where gold nanoparticles have their resonance frequency. Because smaller gold nanoparticles are more sensitive to violet, green, yellow, and blue wavelengths and so appear red, they can absorb these wavelengths and reflect them back.

Price for colloidal gold
Price is affected by many things, such as the demand and supply in the market and industry trends. Economic activity. Unexpected events.
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