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What exactly is Aluminium Silicon Alloy (Aluminium-Silicon Alloy)?

A binary alloy of silicon-aluminum alloys, which are made up of aluminum and silicon is able to preserve the exceptional properties of both.

Silicon is good for alloys of metal which are used in casting. Silicon is a great raw material because it increases the fluidity of casting, reduces melting temperatures, shrinks shrinkage, and decreases shrinkage during the process of solidification. It also has a very low density (2.34g/cm3). It could provide advantages in the sense of decreasing the weight of cast components. It is very solubile in aluminum. Therefore, silicon forms in the form of pure silicon. This makes it more wear-resistant. It is very rich in silicon and aluminum, and has an advanced preparation technique.

Si-Al alloy has a density of between 2.5 and 2.7g/cm3. It also has a thermal expansion (CTE) that is between 7 and 20ppm/. Si-Al alloy’s density, and the coefficient of thermal expansion drop dramatically when the silicon content rises. Si-Al alloy is a great material with excellent properties, including excellent thermal conductivity and specific strength. It is also coated with gold, silver or copper. Si-Al alloy can also be weldable with substrate and permits simple precise cutting.

Silicon-aluminum-alloy is a promising material to use for electronic packaging particularly in high-tech fields like aerospace, space technology, as well as portable electronic devices.

What types of Silicon-Aluminum Alloys are available?

The crucial silicon-aluminum alloy used in the industry can be classified into four classes:

Hypoeutectic silicon alloy made of aluminum alloy. The silicon content ranges between 9 and 12 percent.

Eutectic silicon aluminum alloy. The silicon content is between 11% and 13 percent.

Hypereutectic silica aluminum alloy. The silicon content ranges between 15 and 20 percent.

High-silicone aluminum alloy. Silicon content is higher than 22%, typically 25-70%, but up to 80%.

What is Aluminium-Silicon Alloy Used For?

The high-silicon-aluminum-alloy is highly tribological and can be used to make advanced wear-resistant materials such as power tools, transport equipment, and special fasteners.

High silicon-aluminum alloy is extensively used in automotive engine pistons, cylinder liners, rotors and brake discs due to its lower specific gravity, light weight, and the low thermal expansion coefficient.

It can also serve as a material for packaging to high-power integrated circuits.


Frame with optical lenses

Parts of the heat sink

Al-Si is a strong, compound deoxidizer. Replacing pure aluminum in the process of making steel can increase the utilization rate of deoxidizer, purify melting steel, and enhance the steel’s quality.

What Series is an Aluminium Silicon Alloy (ASI)?

4XXX series.

What exactly is Silumin?

Silumin is an aluminum alloy that is light and durable, built on the aluminum-silicon structure. The majority of aluminum-silicon alloys contain 3 to 25 percent silicon. Al-Si alloys are used mostly in casting. However they can also be a quick solidification process and be used in the process of powder metalurgical. Certain alloys that are employed in powder metalurgical processes rather than casting may contain up to 50 percent more silicon. Silumin is resistant to corrosion, making it suitable for use in wet environments.

Si-Al Alloy Powder Prices

Many factors influence the price, such as the market’s patterns supply and demand the economy’s activity, sentiment about markets, and unexpected things that happen.

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