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What is Silicon Nitride? Silicon Nitride Is an organic substance that has the chemical composition Si3N4. Gray, white, or grayish-white. The relative molecularweight is 140.28.
It is an important structural ceramic material and has high hardness. It is an atomic crystalline, has wear resistance and lubricity, and can also be used as an antioxidant at high temperatures. It does not react to hydrofluoric and hot phosphoric acids, and is strong resistant to corrosion. It is also resistant to cold and heat shock, heating in air to more that 1000, rapid cooling, then rapid heating.
It is often used to make mechanical components, such as bearings and gas turbine blades. It can improve the quality and efficiency of an engine by using silicon nitride clay that is resistant to high heat and difficult to heat transfer.

How to make silicon nitride clays?
There are two primary production methods for silicon nitride ceramics: reaction heating and hot pressing heating.
The reaction Sintering technique is used to produce the mixture of silicon nitride and silicon powder in accordance with the general production methods for ceramic products. It is then pre-nitrided at 1150-1200 to achieve a certain strength. Then it can be machined using the machine tool. Then, it is further nitrided for 18-36h at 1350-1450 until all of the material is converted to silicon nitride. The product size and volume are stable because of this method.
The hot-pressing rule stipulates that silicon oxide powder and a small quantity of additives (such MgO, Al2O3, AlF2, AlF3 or Fe2O3, among others) must be used. They are sintered and pressed at a pressure of 19.6MPa or 1600 to 1700. In general, hot pressing sintering produces a product with a higher density and greater performance than reaction sintering.

What’s silicon nitride ceramic for?
Silicon nitride clays are strong and resistant to high temperatures. The ceramic material silicon nitride ceramics has the highest comprehensive mechanical properties. It is also resistant to oxidation, wear, corrosion, heat shock, and oxidation. Silicon nitride clays are used in the mechanical sector as bearing balls and rollers, seats, tooling, pumps, sealants, and other purposes.
The chemical industry uses silicon nitride clays as wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant parts. This includes the ball valve, pump body and combustion carburetor.
Silicon nitride ceramics, which are high-temperature resistant and have a low friction coefficient, provide self-lubricity in the gold mining industry. It is compatible with most metals and alloy solutions. This makes it ideal for tooling in metal material processing.

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