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Beryllium phosphide is an inorganic compound. It consists of Be2+ ions and PO43- ions.

What is the formula for beryllium phosphide?

The formula for beryllium phosphide is Be3(PO4)2 and is written as: mol % BE3(PO4)2. You should not use multiplying prefixes such as triberyllium phosphate when writing the chemical formula.

What is the atomic number, atomic weight and electron configuration of beryllium?

The atomic number of beryllium is 4, and the atomic weight is 9.012182. It is a member of the group of elements known as the alkaline earth metals. It has a high oxidation state +2, and it emits neutrons when bombarded with alpha or gamma rays from radioactive isotopes.

What is the oxidation state of beryllium in air?

The oxidation state of beryllium varies depending on the type of beryllium. The most common is +2 oxidation state, but lower oxidation states have been found in some beryllium compounds.

What is the valence electron configuration of beryllium?

Beryllium has a single valence electron. It is a divalent element, and its atoms are usually electron-deficient. It is a heavy, strong, and relatively lightweight metal with a steel-gray color.

What is the name of beryllium’s most stable isotope?

Beryllium is a rare element in the universe, occurring as the product of spallation of larger atomic nuclei caused by cosmic rays. It occurs naturally in minerals such as beryl, chrysoberyl and phenakite, which are often combined with other elements to form gemstones.