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On construction sites or in home improvements, we see concrete being used a lot. It is important to add a water-reducing additive to concrete. What are the functions and mechanisms of this additive, and why is it necessary to add water-reducing agents to concrete? The answers will be revealed next.

What is water?

A surfactant is the main chemical component of water reducing agents. Water reducing agent can be used to reduce the amount water needed in concrete. It also improves the durability and strength of concrete. It can reduce the cost and cement of construction, as well as improve the quality.

What’s the function of the water-reducing agent?

They include, in particular, the following elements

1. This water-reducing additive contains a surfactant which can be used to spread cement particles. It will reduce the need for water.

2. Agents that reduce water can have a dispersing effect on the concrete, preventing it from drying out and settling.

3. These agents can reduce the number of pores in concrete and improve its durability.

The evolution of water-reducing agent:

1 . First generation of water-reducing agents

Ordinary water-reducing agent (water-reduction rate) >= 8%), is also called plasticizer. It is the most important representative of the system of lignosulfonates (sodium-lignosulfonate; calcium-lignosulfonate; magnesium-lignosulfonate). ).

2 . Second generation water-reducing agents

High-efficiency water reducing agent >= The main representative of naphthalene systems, aminosulfonate systems, aliphatic and melamine systems.

3 . Third generation water reducing agents

Water-reducing agent with high performance (water-reduction rate). >= This is the most common polycarboxylic acids (water-reducing agents), which are divided into three main types: Early-strength, Standard, and Slow-setting.

and , the water-reducing agents , play a major role in concrete. The agent will increase concrete’s durability and strength, as well reduce the concrete needed to make it and reduce costs. It is for this reason that water-reducing chemicals are an important chemical component in construction.