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What’s Zinc Stearate Emulsion? Zinc stearate emulsion .

Zinc Stearate is an organic matter. Its chemical formula is C36H70O4Zn. Insoluble in water, soluble with hot ethanol and benzene. Also, can be dissolved in toluene, toluene, and other organic solvents.
Primarily used to lubricate and release styrene resin and phenolic resin and amine resin. In rubber, it serves the role of vulcanizing and softener. Zinc Stearate can be used to heat stabilizers, grease, accelerators, thickening agents and many other purposes.
You can use it as a heat stabilizer in PVC resin. General industrial transparent products. This product can also be used to non-toxic products with calcium soap. Generally, this product has been used for soft products. But, in recent years, this product has been used to produce hard transparent products, such as mineral water bottles, water pipe, and other products. This product is excellent lubricity and can reduce scale precipitation.

What does Zinc Stearate Emulsion do?
1. This product is mainly compatible with water-based alkyds, watersoluble polyurethanes and water-soluble acrylic acids. It is easy-to-grind and has an antisediment effect.

2. water-based coat: Used for high-quality waterbased coating.

3. Water-based inks: Can be used for flatting agents, good filling, stability, and waterproof.

4. Textile products can be used as a glaze agent to improve hydrophobicity.

Cosmetic products can be used to improve the surface’s smoothness.

6. paper industry: Can be used to waterproof, antistick, or treat specific paper, thermally coated paper, adhesive papers, and other surface waterproofing materials.

7. grinding sandpaper can be used for grinding. It improves the grinding surface, wear resistance, water resistance, and other properties.

Zinc Stearate: Why is it used in cosmetics?
Zinc Stearate is most often used as a binder for makeup products, such as eyeshadows or powders. It has excellent adhesion which helps powder to stick together in the pan.

Zinc Stearate Emulsion Pricing
Price is affected by many factors, including supply and demand, industry trends and economic activity.
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