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Liquids that have stronger intermolecular interactions require more energy to turn them into vapor than those with weaker interactions. Therefore, they have higher vapor pressures.

Explain why 1-propanol C3H7OH has a higher boiling point than methoxyethane CH3O CH3CH2OH since they have the same molecular weigh. This difference is due to the fact that 1-propanol can form London Dispersion Force and Dipole-Dipole interaction whereas methoxyethane cannot.

Rank the following molecules in order of increasing boiling point: F2, NF3, HF, and LiF. F2 is nonpolar and will have the weakest IMFs, followed by NF3 which can perform hydrogen bonding, then HF which can perform Dipole-Dipole interactions, and finally LiF which has strong ionic attraction.

Compared to NaCl, which has the higher boiling point? This is determined by the Lattice Energy which depends on the charge and atomic radius of each ion. The larger the ion, the greater the charge and the smaller the atomic radius, the more lattice energy it has.