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About Indium Oxide In2O3 Powder:
Indium oxide is an amphoteric oxide of indium, and the molecular formula is 2O3. The pure product is a white or light yellow amorphous powder, which is heated to reddish-brown. Indium oxide is a new n-type transparent semiconductor functional material having width disabled bandwidth, smaller resistivity and higher catalytic activity, and has been widely used in optical fields, gas sensors, and catalysts. In addition to the above functions, there is also an indium oxide particle size, surface effect, quantum dimensional effect, small dimensional effect, macroscopic quantum tunnel effect.
Indium oxide is presented in hydrogen or another reducing agent, heated to 400 to 500 ° C, reduced metal indium or low-cost oxide. The low-level oxide is separated at high temperatures. Further, at a high temperature, it can react with metal indium solubilized in acid, but the more difficult it is, and the moisture absorption also disappears. When hydrogen is reduced by heating through hydrogen, metal indium is produced.
Indium oxide is insoluble in water but can be dissolved in acid, while crystalline oxides are not soluble in water. The crystals are divided into two phases, cubic (diamond type) and diamond (corundum). The bandgap between the two phases is 3eV. The parameter of the cubic phase is listed in the information box. A rhombic phase is produced at high temperatures and is produced using a non-balanced growth method. Its spatial group R3C No. 167, Piersson symbol HR30, A = 0.5487 nm, b = 0.5487 nm, C = 0.57818 nm, z = 6, the calculation density is 7.31 g / cm3.
Indium mixed indium film (IN2-XCRXO3) is a magnetic semiconductor, a single-phase crystal structure, and a high carrier concentration semiconductor behavior having high-temperature ferromagnetic properties. As the material of the rotating syringe, it can be in the spinning electronics.
Indium oxide polycrystalline films doped with Zn have high conductivity (conductivity to 105 S / m), even with higher superconductivity at temperatures in helium. The superconducting transition temperature Tc is related to the doping and the film structure, less than 3.3k. Feel free to send an inquiry to get the latest price if you would like to buy Indium Oxide In2O3 Powder in bulk.

Performance of Indium Oxide In2O3 Powder:

In the presence of hydrogen or other reducing agents, heating to 400 ~ 500 ℃ can be reduced to metal indium or low-cost indium oxide.
Decomposes to lower oxides at high temperatures. In addition, it can react with metal indium at high temperature. Although In2O3 generated by low-temperature burning is easily soluble in acid, the more complete the high-temperature treatment is, the more difficult it is to dissolve, and the hygroscopicity also disappears. When indium trioxide is reduced with hydrogen under red heat, metal indium is generated.

Technical Parameter of Indium Oxide In2O3 Powder:

AppearanceLight Yellowish PowderLight Yellowish Powder
Cu 0.8
Pb 2.0
Zn 0.5
Cd 1.0
Fe 3.0
Tl 1.0
Sn 3.0
As 0.3
Al 0.5
Mg 0.5
Ti 1.0
Sb 0.1
Co 0.1
K 0.3
 Other Index
Particle Size(D50) 3-5μm

How is Indium Oxide In2O3 Powder produced?
1. The high-purity metal indium is burned in the air or indium carbonate is calcined to produce In2O, Ino and In2O3, and the high-purity In2O3 can be obtained by finely controlling the reduction conditions. The indium trioxide ceramic powder with an average particle size of 20nm can also be prepared by the spray combustion process.
2. When indium hydroxide is burned to prepare indium trioxide, if the temperature is too high, In2O3 has the possibility of thermal decomposition; if the temperature is too low, it is difficult to complete dehydration, and the oxide generated has hygroscopic property. Therefore, heating temperature and time are important factors. In addition, because In2O3 is easily reduced, it must always be kept in an oxidizing atmosphere.
3. Indium hydroxide is burned in the air at 850℃ to a constant weight to generate In2O3, and then heated in the air at 1000℃ for 30min. Other indium nitrates, indium carbonate, and indium sulfate can also be burned in the air to make indium trioxide.
Applications of Indium Oxide In2O3 Powder:
In recent years, indium oxide has been used in high-tech fields and military fields, such as photovoltaic industries, particularly processed into indium tin oxide (ITO) targets, manufacturing transparent electrodes and transparent heat reflector materials.
Used to produce a planar liquid crystal display and inverter.
Indium oxide is used as materials such as spectral purity reagents and electronic components.
Indium oxide is used in a protective coating of a metal mirror surface, and a photovoltaic display semiconductor film is also used to produce indium salts and glass.
Indium oxide is a raw material commonly used in the resistance touch screen, mainly used in fluorescent screens, glass, ceramics, chemical reagents, and the like.
For non-ferrous metal glass, ceramics, alkaline manganese batteries, indium oxide series Liu, chemical reagents, and other traditional fields of Colorado.
Oxides are used in certain types of batteries, thin-film infrared reflectors (high mirrors), some optical coatings and some antistatic coatings for visible light transparency.
Indium oxide and tin oxide form indium tin oxide (also referred to as blend indium oxide or ITO), and a material transparent conductive coating.
In the semiconductor, indium oxide can be used as an N-type semiconductor of the resistance element in the integrated circuit.
In histological learning, indium oxide is used as part of certain dyeing formulations.

Storage Condition of Indium Oxide In2O3 Powder:
Indium Oxide In2O3 Powder should be stored in dry, cool and sealing of the environment, can not be exposure to air, in addition, should avoid the heavy pressure, according to ordinary goods transportation.

Packing & Shipping of Indium Oxide In2O3 Powder:
It is packed in double plastic bags inside, which can be filled with argon in a vacuum; it can be vacuumed and filled with argon for protection.
Indium Oxide In2O3 Powder packing: vacuum packing, 100g, 500g or 1kg/bag, 25kg/barrel, or as your request.
Indium Oxide In2O3 Powder shipping: could be shipped out by sea, by air, by express as soon as possible once payment receipt.
Indium Oxide In2O3 Powder CAS 1312-43-2插图

Indium Oxide In2O3 Powder Properties

Other NamesIndium Oxide, Indium(3+) oxide, India, Indium trioxide, Indium sesquioxide,
Oxo-oxoindianyloxyindigane, Indium(3+); oxygen(2-), Diindium trioxide.
CAS No.1312-43-2
Compound FormulaIn2O3
Molecular Weight277.64
AppearanceYellow Powder
Melting Point1,910° C (3,470° F)
Solubility in waterN/A
Density7.18 g/cm3
Particle Sizegranule, –
Boling pointN/A
Specific HeatN/A
Thermal ConductivityN/A
Thermal ExpansionN/A
Young’s ModulusN/A
Exact Mass277.793 g/mol
Monoisotopic Mass277.793 Da

Indium Oxide In2O3 Powder Health & Safety Information

Safety WarningN/A
Hazard StatementsN/A
Flashing pointN/A
Hazard CodesN/A
Risk CodesN/A
Safety StatementsN/A
RTECS NumberNL1770000
Transport Informationn
WGK Germany3
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