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Lithium nitrate is an inorganic nitrate salt of lithium. It is used in a variety of industries. These include pyrotechnic manufacture, ceramics, and refrigeration systems. The properties of lithium nitrate are well suited for heat storage.

In the laboratory, lithium nitrate is prepared from nitric acid. The solution is then dried. After this, a lithium nitrate trihydrate is formed.

There is some controversy over whether or not lithium nitrate is soluble in water. This question is important because it has been proposed that lithium nitrate might be useful as a sensible heat storage medium. However, it has not been studied extensively.

Some researchers have used X-ray diffraction to study the effects of water on the behavior of lithium nitrate. They also looked at the properties of lithium nitrate in the presence of ethanol.

As a result of this, the authors suggest that there is a possibility that the interactions between ethanol and lithium nitrate may exhibit strong electrostatic attraction. Furthermore, there are suggestions that a mixture of lithium nitrate and water might have a makeup similar to that of hemihyclrate.

A more recent study, conducted by Mantha and Reddy, examined the formation of lithium peroxide. These results showed that lithium nitrate reacts rapidly with oxygen in the presence of water.

Similarly, Prietzschk (141) found that a triplet of ethanol lines was observed in the presence of copper radiation. Both studies show that lithium nitrate – water systems are not compatible with fine powdered metals.

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