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Overview of aluminum nitride Aluminum nitride is an atomic crystal, belonging to diamond-like nitride, hexagonal crystal system, wurtzite crystal structure, non-toxic, white or off-white.
How do you make aluminum nitride?
The synthesis of AlN by the carbothermic reduction method involves the heat treatment of aluminum oxide or aluminum hydroxide at 1400-1800degC under nitrogen or ammonia in the presence of carbon as a reducing agent.
What is aluminum nitride used for?
Most research nowadays is developing a light-emitting diode based on semiconductor (gallium nitride or alloy aluminum gallium nitride) and operating in ultraviolet light, and the wavelength of light is 250 nanometers. Aluminum nitride is used in optoelectronic engineering, including as dielectric layer in optical storage interface and electronic substrate, as chip carrier with high thermal conductivity, and for military use.
Due to the characteristics of the piezoelectric effect of aluminum nitride, the epitaxial stretching of aluminum nitride crystals is also used in surface acoustic wave detectors. The detector will be placed on the silicon wafer. There are very few places where these thin films can be reliably manufactured.
The use of aluminum nitride ceramics has a high room temperature and high-temperature strength, small expansion coefficient, and good thermal conductivity. It can be used as a heat exchanger material for high-temperature structural parts.
Using aluminum nitride ceramics can withstand the corrosion of iron, aluminum and other metals and alloys, it can be used as a crucible and casting mold material for melting metals such as Al, Cu, Ag, and Pb.

How to package and transport aluminum nitride powder
P ackage
For powder packaging, vacuum packaging is usually used, and there are four general packaging specifications of 100 g, 500 g, 1 kg/bag, and 25 kg/barrel. Of course, it can also be packaged according to specific requirements.

The rapid inactivation of SARS-CoV-2 by silicon nitride, copper and aluminum nitride
Silicon nitride successfully inactivated SARS-CoV-2. The mechanism of action is surface release mediated by the hydrolysis of nitrogen-containing disinfectants. Both aluminum nitride and copper are also effective for virus inactivation. However, although the former compound affects cells, the latter compound has a cytopathic effect. Further research is needed to verify these findings and investigate whether silicon nitride can be incorporated into personal protective equipment and commonly touched surfaces as a strategy to suppress virus persistence and disease transmission.

Aluminum nitride ceramic substrate will help China’s sensor market
In microelectronics, the smaller the feature size of the integrated circuit means the higher the integration of the device, the faster the running speed, and the better the performance. The smaller the size of the sensor in the Internet of Things system also means that the system is deployed. It is more convenient and better in performance. But at the same time, the hardware requirements are even higher. The core of it is the sensor chip. At present, there are few large-scale sensor manufacturers in China, mainly small and medium-sized manufacturers. The chip materials are mainly FR-4 substrates and aluminum substrates. However, in developed countries, aluminum nitride ceramic substrates have been used on a large scale. Aluminum nitride ceramic substrates have better stability, better insulation capacity, and ultra-high thermal conductivity. They have become the jewel in the palm of world-class sensor manufacturers.

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