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For thousands of years silver has been used to make jewelry and human utensils. According to science, silver can be sterilized and disinfected. The adsorption silver ions on microorganisms is what primarily causes silver’s antibacterial effects. The microorganisms responsible for breathing are those that are adsorbed with silver ions. The enzyme will stop working after being destroyed. Nano-silver uses cutting-edge technology to create nano-sized silver. The quantum leap in the bactericidal power of silver in nano-state has been made possible by nano-technology. Nano-silver is very potent in killing bacteria. More than 700 types can be killed by broad-spectrum sterilization, which does not require any drug resistance. This is a new generation of natural antibacterial agents that is safe, effective, and causes no irritation.
Silver ions not only have the function of destroying bacterial proteins, but also have a super function-sterilization, and relatively little harm to heavy metal silver. Silver ions can be destroyed by small amounts of bacteria when there is a small amount.
The sterilization principles of super-nano silver
Principle 1: Super nano-silver-nanotechnology processing silver particles, its activity becomes stronger, and silver ions are released after contact with water, and the active silver ions can enter the cell wall of bacteria freely, causing the cell wall to rupture and the cytoplasm to flow out of the bacteria to die instantly;
Principle 2: The silver ions attract the negatively charged microbial cellular cells and then combine with the functional groups of the catalytic systems to cause the bacteria to stop respiration, metabolism, and reproduction. So that sterilization can be achieved, it must continue until death.
These are the two ways silver can kill bacteria (including super bacteria) and it will not give rise to drug resistance.
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